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Pampered Poms Rescue is located inside Pampered Paws Grooming Salon.  We would love to have you visit the Pom (or other pet) that has struck your fancy, but please call us to make an appointment first.  816-333-2522
Our adoption application is located here: 
Please be sure to complete the application.  Completed applications can be emailed, mailed, or hand delivered to us.


Mister has a past full of unknown details. What we do know is that someone found him abandoned on apartment balcony. They took him and ecountered problems with his behvior. He has no teeth on top and hadnt been neutered. They were going to put him down when another person rescued him. She said he did well but really needed to be neutered in order to help his behavior. She had other dogs and it wasnt a good fit long term.  He was very sweet with her most of the time. He had to be shaved becuase his hair was really mated. We took him and quickly got him to the vet. He is healing well and learning to behave better. He needs a person with experience with abused dogs. He needs lots of attention and training.  The vet estimated his age at 6 years. He is healthy and food motivated which helps in training.  Fill out an applictaion. He doesnt trust quick so a local person may need to visit him several times before adopting him.

Cocoa ... Update... ADOPTEd

Cocoa is a little over a year old. She is social but not very confident. She needs someone who can spend lots of good quality time wth her. She loves to play with small dogs. Fill out an application before calling us. Local people are preferred. We do not ship or transport.

Coco ...  UPDated.. adopted

COCO is 5 - 6 years old. Her owners couldn't keep her. The husband passed and the wife moved. She is accustomed to having someone home alot and we would like to pick a home where this is true. She is friendly and social and needs to be cherished the rest of her life. 

Romeo  ....   update ...ADOPTED

Romeo is 7 years old and 7 pounds. He was a breeder dog and needs a loving home now. He has degenerative disc disease and needs meds the rest of his life. He is full of spunk and loves to be held. Good with other dogs. Great at car rides too. Fill out an application before meeting him.

adopted.  Chloe

Chloe is a sweet senior pom who had a great home all of her life until now. Her Mom passed and the Dad went to assisted living. She is 14 and really healthy for her age. Loves to sit in your lap! She just needs a person to commit to her for the rest of her days. Gets along with other dogs, cats and kids. Please fill out an application first before calling.

Adopted .... Cookie


She is 12 years old, and has no teeth so her tongue hangs out. She doesn't photograph well, as she gets scared and wont put her ears up. She was a breeder dog and just wants someone to love her for the rest of her days. Good with other small dogs and loves all people.


Keiko is 11 years old, and only has one eye. She is full of life and loads of personality! Spayed but needs a dental. She was a breeder dog. Time to be cherished for the rest of her life.

PAISLEY   adopted



Paisley is 7 years old. She came from a breeder. She is very scared at first.  She would do well in a multi-dog home. Knows how to use a doggie door. About ten lbs. She has really come around in a short time. She will sit in a lap for quite a long time. Its when you approach her is when she is fearful. Now she its down for me to pick her up. Sweet girl! She is almost housebroken and will also use a pad. She can be adopted long distance but she is not comfortable on a leash yet, so it must be within about 6  hours in a car.  A local foster would be great. 

Adopted... TAFFY

Taffy is 7 years old.She came from a breeder. She needs someone with puppy mill experience. Super scared. Needs patience and time. Big girl, about 12 lbs. Good with dogs and older kids.

Adopted ... PANDORA

Pandora 8 years old about 10 lbs. Scared at first but warms up nicely. Came from a breeder. Sweet girl. Good with other dogs, and older kids.

adopted  RASCAL  8 year old male pom

Rascal is about 8 years old. His owner had health issues that prevented her from caring for the dogs. She didn't let them out properly so he needs some help housetraining. He is smart, healthy, playful and active. Loves people. Loves to be held. Fill out an application first before calling. Long distance adoptions are allowed IF you drive to KC MO to get the dog.

adopted. Bear


Bear is about 13 years old. His owner had health  issues and couldn't keep him. He is active and loving and is ok with other dogs. His owner did not let him out properly so he needs some help in the housetraining. Therefor someone needs to be home days. Fill out an application first before calling. Long distance adoptions are ok as long as you are willing to drive to KC MO go get him.

Update adopted ... Murphy

Murphy is a four year old POM, very social and loves everyone. He is about 20 lbs and needs to loose a couple pounds. He loves to run around the yard and play. Ok with other dogs and big kids too. Fill out an application if you are interested.

Millie  adopted


LIlly is about 8 years old. She came from a large breeding facility.  She was shaved but her hair is growing out beautifully. She is happy and playful but needs a home with someone patient. Needs to go outside every  couple hours at first. A completely fenced yard is a MUST.  Local is preferred but adoptions long distance is possible if you drive to KC to get her. Likes other small dogs.  She is active and playful. Fill out an application if seriously interested.

Rose. Adopted

Rose  is about five years old. She came from a huge breeder facility. Living in a cage having puppies all of her life. She needs someone to teach her how to be a cherished pet. She needs to go outside every hour. Please fill out an application if your interested. No shipping of pets from us. If you are a long distance away, you must drive to get her. She would benefit from other small dogs. Very scared. MUST have a fenced yard that she cannot get out. 


UPDATE...  JACK IS ADOPTED... he is 9 lbs and 6 years old. He is a sweet little boy and loves everyone. Please fill out an application before contacting us.



IRA is 8.5 lbs and 5 years old. Beautiful coat, sweet boy just wants someone to love him forever! He loves all people and other animals too. Please fill out an application first before contacting us.




Sophee  is  7 years old. Her owner went to assisted living. Sophee is very overweight and needs someone who can get her active and be strict about diet to loose weight. She is at 15 lbs and should be 8 or 10 lbs. She has had 3 leg surgeries and gets around quite well despite her little body being so obese. After weight loss she will have a happy future. She loves all people. Doesn't care for other dogs so much. She lived with a very young pom and never bonded with her. I believe the puppy was too much for her. She would rather be the only dog OR with an older stable dog. She had to be shaved because her hair was terribly matted. Fill out an application before meeting her. Long distance adoption is possible IF you drive to KC to get her.

Betty Bear  Update  adopted

Betty Bear is 7 years old. Been with the same owner since she was a puppy. They had two children and couldn't take care of her anymore. She needs to be someone's  #1 priority. She needs a lot of attention. Not a fan of small children. A retried person would be best. She just got spayed and had a mammary tumor removed along with blood work and microchip. At some point she may need a dental but its not urgent. At ten pounds she is a bit chunky but healthy! Her hair is high maintenance and beautiful when grown out but this time she had to be shaved. Please fill out an application is if you are interested.

LEXI  adopted


Lexi is only 9 months old. She is a big girl, at about 18 lbs. Her owner had an older dog that didn't like her. She is happy and loves attention. Fill out an application first. 

Foxy lee adopted


Foxy Lee is only 5 moths old. Her owner got really sick and they couldn't keep her. She needs a retired person who can teach her everything. Another small dog to play with would be good. A fenced yard is a bonus! Fill out an application.



Gracie is 2 years old and 8.8 lbs. She was given up because her owner couldn't keep her anymore for health reasons. She is shy at first but loves to play with her toys. When she gets to know you she will jump into your lap. She is not fond of other female dogs at first meeting. Healthy and ready for a new home. Fill out an application prior to contacting us.



Zuko​ is bigger male pom, approx five years old, who is looking a new home. We don't know much about his past, as he was handed to a woman in a parking lot about two weeks before coming to rescue. He is a gentle giant at 18 pounds.  He loves cuddles and pets, and is ready to meet his forever humans!