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Okami is almost six, and about ten pounds.

His owners died and he needs a new home. Fill out an application if you are interested. He would like someone home quite a bit, as he was used to that.


Update Adopted

Spice lived her whole life in a cage having puppies for a breeder. She has been spayed, and had a dental. She is healthy and ready for a good life. She spent a while in a really good foster home trying to learn how to be a pampered pet. Learning housetraining and how to walk on a leash is huge for these dogs. Love and positive response is the only way. She has done well, and will continue to bloom in the right environment. She needs a quiet home with someone there most of time. A retired person or someone who works virtually is preferred. A fence is a MUST. She would benefit from another small dog in the home. Long distance adoption is possible IF the adopter is willing to drive here, and agree to bring her back if it doesn't work out.  She is shy but anyone can hold her. It takes awhile to bond but she has shown us a great ability to bond with her person. 





Zorro is a little Pom whose owners couldn't keep because he didn't tolerate the kids. He loves to snuggle and being held by grown-ups. He is 5 years old, and about 6 pounds. He needs an experienced owner, as he has some guarding issues with food & toys. Just got neutered and housetraining with belly bands. He is used to being the only dog but may be ok with one older calm female. Click on the link for an application. Then call to see if you are a good match.

We call her "Lovey" because she is so sweet, and the heart on her back!-ADOPTED



Lovey was in a breeding facility her whole life. At 7 she still has many years to be cherished like every Pom should. She is not housebroken so you must be home to teach her.. A fenced yard and loving humans are a must! Fill out an application to start the process of adopting any of our dogs.



Bear is a black Pom approximately 8 years old. About 12 lbs. He came from the shelter in Wichita, as his owner was arrested, and unable to claim him. He has some pain issues in a knee, and needs surgery but because he has the beginning stage of kidney disease, he is unable to have surgery. He loves attention, and  will play with some smaller dogs but doesn't tolerate rowdy dogs, as they might bump into him and cause him pain. Kids would not understand his issues, so he needs adults only. He is very special and needs a unique human to love him for the rest of his days. He is on a special diet, and has pain meds. If you are here in town, it is possible to foster him for a bit, to see if its a good match. Please consider adopting a senior or special needs dogs, they need you.

Pearla & Foxy

Update. Foster family is keeping them!

Foxy is the older one, darker cream color. She is 14 years old. Pearla, is her daughter and 12 years old. Their owner died and the extended family could not care for them. We have them in a foster home, and they both got surgery. They had hernias, a mammary tumor, along with much needed dentals. It was quite  a surgery for senior Poms so small. We wanted to get them felling as good as possible to live out their lives being cherished. They need a special soul to love them for however long they have left. A forever foster may  be the solution if we can find someone suitable locally. Fosters do the day to day care, and we provide everything including medical, food, grooming etc.


 Update. Jupiter was adopted. 

Jupiter is only about 2 years old, at about 18 lbs and full of energy. He loves to play with toys and with other dogs too.  His owners moved and could not take him. Call to meet him. You can fill out an application first if you would like.


Update. Adopted...

Chai is a nine year old male Pom who was with his previous owner since he was a puppy. She lost her house and could not find affordable housing where she could take him. It’s heartbreaking when you must give up your furry friend you've had so long. He had never been neutered and needs a dental asap. We will take him to our vet for an exam and blood work to see if he is able to have this double surgery. He is used to being carried around going places with her and getting lots of attention. Our goal is to get him healthy and search for a home similar to his previous life to meet all of his needs. He is only about 4 lbs but full of vigor! Because of his size, small children or big dogs would not be a good idea. If you would like to apply for any of our dogs, please fill out an application first and tell us which one you might like. It’s common for you to meet several at the same appointment. Some may be in foster, but normally they are all with us at the grooming salon.


Update. Adopted

Suede is a nine year old Pom. His senior owner needed to move and he could not go with her. The extended family tried to find a suitable home but could not. He is a big boy, about 15 lbs, neutered and housebroken. He has been well cared for, and needs to be loved and cherished for the rest of his days. He has a short haircut in these pictures.

We have discovered that Suede needs a dental, and will need to do this before he can be adopted. We do have a great home waiting for him, after this procedure has been done. If you donate anything, this will help him start his new life. THANK YOU!


 UPDATE Adopted

ugar is as sweet as her name!  Pretty girl was living outside and in a garage most of her life. She is said to be ten but looks much younger. Big girl had major surgery and is healing nicely. She hadn't been spayed so she had mammary tumors that had to be removed. She is very happy and affectionate to everyone she meets. She is larger, so older kids should be fine. She doesn't mind other dogs. Please fill out an application first, before calling for a meet n greet.


UPDATE Adopted

This is Bonnie. She was purchased as a pure bred Pom. We think she may be mixed, but not sure. She is about 5 months old, very playful, and loves everyone!

She is about 5 lbs, but will get to about 8- 10, full grown. Needs help with all the things that come with owning a puppy, housebreaking and all. 


UPDATE Adopted

Clyde is said to be a Pomeranian, but he may be mixed. He is 5 months old, and about 10 lbs. He may get to be 20 lbs full grown. He is playful and fun, and needs to be taught many things. Puppies take time, so understand we will be looking for the home who is best suited for this guy.  He is a sibling to Bonnie, but they can, and will be separated. Puppies blossom when they are individuals. Fill out an application first, before calling.